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Code analysis of the website
SEO optimiser
Analysis of external links to the site
Premium Analytics
Traffic source analysis
Testing the site loading speed
PageSpeed Insights
Checking for mobile adaptation
Mobile-Friendly Test
Check the meta tags of each page
Domain age analysis

SEO audit is an audit of a website for optimization errors that are preventing it from getting higher positions in Google search results. If these errors are fixed, your website will get much more targeted traffic from Google which will result in more orders for your products and services.

We do a manual site audit. A professional, experienced SEO-optimizer opens your website and checks it against a checklist of more than 400 items. Errors are recorded and the way to solve each of them is described in detail so that you can solve them yourself or use them as the technical specifications.

We do a comprehensive general site audit, which includes all kinds of site audits. We estimate: the general parameters of a site (such as age of the domain, CMS, the number of pages in the index, etc.), technical errors (such as: the site loading speed, correctness of important tags, uniqueness of the content, etc.), analysis of external ranking factors (number of links to the site, competitive analysis, traffic sources, etc.), usability analysis (site structure, availability of conversion elements, testing forms, etc.).

You may order an audit only once. If you entrust us to fix errors, you do not need to order the audit again. If you fix errors yourself or entrust it to someone else, it is advisable to order one more audit after fixing errors.

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