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2audit.site is a team of experienced professionals operating in the market since 2007. We have extensive experience in promoting in highly competitive niches. We have brought thousands of client projects and millions of search queries to the top of Google search results. We keep up with the latest trends in the field of SEO and employ strategies that will help your website achieve maximum visibility.

We conduct SEO audits of websites and help eliminate all technical optimization errors. Our approach to promotion is not limited to technical aspects alone; we pay attention to user experience, ensuring convenient navigation and fast page loading. We understand that satisfied visitors are the key to the profitability of your website.

The history of the founding

It all started with one major project that we all worked on, unfortunately, we cannot disclose its name. This project encompasses dozens of unique SEO tools and holds the top position in all CIS countries for many highly competitive search queries.

In light of recent events in our country, we have decided to initiate a project on which you are currently located and reading the story of its founding. We aim to completely abandon the Russian language and independently decide with whom and how to work.


Serhii Zablotskyi is a professional SEO optimizer. Developer of top-notch SEO tools and services. With experience dating back to 2007, he has conducted thousands of website audits and successfully promoted client projects to the top of Google search results.

We work quickly

We know exactly what needs to be done and how to make your website grow

You are resting

Everyone should focus on their own business, and we specialize in understanding websites

Results guaranteed

If our actions don't yield results, we will refund you all the money

Our team
Pavel Zelenskyi
Project Manager
Olha Zablotska
Web Designer
Evhen Matyushok
Наша історія
Development and promotion of your first informational websites

Earnings were generated from placing advertisements on self-developed entertainment resources

Development and promotion of initial client websites

Collaborative office work on creating new websites and promoting existing ones across various themes

Work on internal corporate projects

Development of new high-stakes projects, intense competition, sleepless nights

Creation of our project 2audit.site

Working on client SEO audits of websites and resolving optimization errors

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